Saturday, March 31, 2007

hullo everone!

Well, I decided a while ago that when I got a camera I would start up a blog so that I could show my family and friends who I don't see so much what's goin on in my life.
So, yesterday I finally bought a new camera. It's pretty awesome. Thanks to all my friends and family who donated to the cause for my birthday and for Christmas.

Here it is:

It's a Canon SD600 Digital Elph. I got it for a good deal because it's an 'old' model - i.e. they've come out with a new model so they're just getting rid of this one.

It's 6.0 MegaPixel and takes videos at 640x480 @ 30fps. Now I'll just need to buy a high speed memory card to be able to use all the features.

So what have I been doing lately. Well, looking for a camera, working on my car, working on my new room, hanging out with friends, and working.

I just took a picture of my car today, so here it is too:

Yes, another miata. I'm not sure I like the black hood, but I'm not going to deal with that right now. The rims are stock and powder coated black (they're for sale if you want them :) ) but I've got 'new' ones in the mail. I needed new tires anyway (these ones have Blizzaks snow tires on the front and some all-seasons on the back) so I bought a set of used tires and wheels.

I've got a new soft top to install, but I have to order a couple parts to put it on. So meanwhile I've been using it with the hard top (you can see a corner of it in the bottom left corner of the pic).

Here's a picture of my room when I moved in the first time

Here's pictures of my room now.
OK, so it's not quite done. I helped frame the wall on the right (you can't see it) as well as a closet in the hallway. Drywallers are working on it and they should have it done Tuesday or Wednesday, I think. Then it'll be painted and carpeted and then I can move in again! (I'm sleeping in the guest room upstairs right now).
Well, this is all for now. I hope everyone is doing great.