Thursday, April 12, 2007

More pics.

Well, I've got a few more pics to post. I haven't figured out yet why some of them I can click on and others I can't...but one of these days I will and then hopefully I can fix it.

Here's a pic at Kyle's house.

Kyle's garage

They were practicing some songs and I just came to hang out. I picked up the keyboard for a few minutes, but that was short lived because I couldn't hear it and I didn't know the songs they were playing. I recorded some of the songs on my camera though so I can learn them hopefully. I didn't fall asleep this time. On the way back from Kyle's Hunter left his cell phone on the back of his car and it didn't fare so well. We found it smashed/driven over a little ways down the road when we went back to look for it.

Miata's at Kyles

Miata's by truckHere's a couple pics of my red miata and Hunter's white one. He decided after about 5 minutes in mine that he wanted to get we went down to Seattle a couple weeks later to look at one and we brought it back. We could almost put one in the back of his dad's truck! You might notice the new wheels on my miata. Everyone thinks they make the car look much better - I'd have to agree. Now all I have to do is get that soft top installed...after I get the few parts I need for it shipped out here.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Long weekend...

Well, I was away this weekend for a couple days. Friday night we had a bonfire on the sand bar at the river. Darin played guitar and some of the guys were singing. We sat and talked and had a good time. A bunch of the guys stayed there for the night and we slept in the bed of the trucks. We went to bed at about 4. Here are a few pictures from the night.

Here's a picture that we all thought was really amazing.

We all thought that the 'smoke' in the picture looked like a cross with a body on it. This was especially amazing because this was the night of Good Friday. Everyone wanted a copy of the picture, so there's a bigger version of the picture at the end of this post. Click the little picture at the end and it will give you the full 6MP picture.

Here's a picture I thought was really cool of Brian and Kayla at the fire. I turned off the flash and the light is just from the fire. For you, Brian and Kayla, there's a full size image of it at the end of this post as well...just click it and you will get the big picture.

Well, that was about time that my camera battery died and I left my charger at home, so I was out of battery for the rest of the weekend, which really sucked. I have to buy another battery for my camera.

On Saturday morning Darin, Kenner, Kyle and I went to breakfast and then I helped Darin put his main oil seal back in his Probe. After dinner we went to Kyle's house and I fell asleep to Chase on the drums, Kyle on his electric, and Darin on his acoustic...I must have been really tired, because they definitely weren't playing quiet. I guess 3 hours of sleep will do that to you though, huh?

I had a 'splendid' :) weekend.

Here's the full size pictures. Just click them and I think you'll get the full size pictures.

Monday, April 2, 2007

At Keri & Wade's, Camarigg's, Shifter boot

Since my camera is new, I'm sure you'll see lots of pictures for a while. I took some pictures Saturday night and on Sunday when I was various places. Saturday nights we go play games at Keri and Wade's house. It's always fun times. Usually some of the guys bring their guitars and play for a while...couple people might sing...and lately we've played a game called 'signs'. It's G.T.'s (good times)

Darin, Kenner, Angela, Tim-bob
Aimee & Hunter, Brian & Kayla

Darin, Justin, Cassie, Mike, Allison
Here's Darin. He's a funny guy. He plays guitar sometimes.
On Sunday I went to Camarigg's for lunch because there was no one at my house. Beth's father passed away on Monday and they went to the funeral and were away for a few days. The kids stayed with friends while they were away and I worked and stayed home and babysat the fish.
Here's Andrea and Alex at Camarigg'sWe went for a quick walk before church. Here's another one of my birthday presents. My brother Kevin made it.
Recipe for a awesome leather shifter boot:
1) Get an old leather clothing article (jacket, skirt, pants :O ) from second hand store...or your closet.
2) Take your old shifter boot off your car and take it apart at the seams.
3) Use your taken apart shifter boot as a pattern for your new one.
4) Cut it out and sew it together. Colour matched thread can really look cool.

Kevin's got skills.