Sunday, November 25, 2007

Picture post

Well, yes another long awaited picture post! Hopefully I will be able to show some pictures when I come home in a couple weeks, but here's some anyway.

Here are some pictures of when I went bear hunting with my friend Hunter. We went up Baromter Mountain on a Friday night (this is a couple months back) and slept on the top of the mountain. We found one bear but it was too far away and when we tried to get closer we lost it. It was fun though. We had a view of Mt. Baker (when the clouds were gone) and of Table Top Mountain as well.

Here are some pictures of a couple days when Kevin was here before the conference. As usual, I didn't take as many pictures as I would like to see after and they never look as good as they do in real life. We went to the Capillano Suspension Bridge (picture 1), Stanley Park (2,3), Hell's Gate(4,5,6), Bridle Falls(7), and Deception Pass(8,9- it was foggy).

After that was the conference. Here's a couple pictures. I don't have any group pictures right now, but I'm supposed to get a couple from Nicole. Here's some pics I have though.

Here are some pictures from around the house and me with the kids.

Brian and I went to a Vancouver Canuck's game (they lost :()We had a costume party at Dave's house, and I took Nic to "Disney on Ice".

Well, that's my pictures so far to date I think. I'll try to write more some other time! See you all in two weeks!