Wednesday, June 13, 2007

News, old pics and new pics.

I haven't posted for a while so I thought I should post some new pictures. These are some pictures of the family I'm staying with. We were going to the Capillano Suspension Bridge and I was playing with my camera. The kids seemed a bit annoyed, because Quin got a little red in the face

and Marina felt really blue.
I just have to remember when to use those settings to make good pictures.

When I came home from work a while back, Quin and Marina were having a picnic under the tree across the street. The food for the picnic? Cheerios (dry)

There is a forest across the street as well and we go hiking in there every once in a while. Sometimes I take the neighbour kids. Several times I have had a group of four kids and we just walk through the forest to see what we can find. We have found an old fort (which the kids are sure used to be the home of a hobo) deer tracks, coyote tracks (which I didn't point out to the kids in case they got scared). We also found a bee hive in an old tree stump. I put Jake and Noah up on the stump and all of a sudden Jake noticed a couple bees and asked me to take him off (this stump was about 5 feet up in the air and about 3 feet across). I took both of them off and then noticed a swarm of about 15 bees near the top. So we promptly got out of there. I was envisioning a big swarm of bees kinda of this sort and was kinda worried!Well, it happened more like this (besides the running)

and it got me right in the leg. Thankfully I was the only one to get stung. I looked at the forest via google's satellite images and saw a field. So I headed towards it when I was with Quin & Marina. It was pretty neat with long grass and a big open spot in what we thought was just a big forest.

As I was saying earlier. We had gone to the Capillano Suspension bridge, and here's a picture of the family I live with (I try to avoid names sometimes since other people can view this blog...just some privacy). We were standing up on some boardwalks up in the trees. Here's a picture walking across the bridge. Here's another picture from their website gallery.

There are a bunch of old cars and a truck for sale on 16th Avenue and this one in particular I think would be really awesome to have as a project car to hot rod. Some people commented that it was a really cool picture and so I cropped it a bit and posted it here.
Here's a truck. It looks partially restored (the frame seems new) and it's got an engine in it. The Model T in the background is $3000 and electric start is available (there is a crank sticking out the front bumper :))
And here's a picture of my BC miata with the top off. I thought I was too early for church one Sunday morning. I was headed for Burlington and there was a huge border wait. So I was way too late to get to Burlington, so I decided to go to Lynden instead. Well, it used to start at 10:30, and I got confused and thought it still did start at 10:30. Well, it was about 10:05 when I passed a field and thought it would be a cool place to take a couple pictures of my car since I was so early. Well, I took a couple pictures and then drove on to church. When I pulled up I realized that I was wrong, since all the cars were there. So I was a couple more minutes late :O
Well, the soft top is almost on, so that will be nice to be able to have the option. I was at Brian's one night and it rained with the top off (I had left it in Langley).

On Tuesday I went down to Burlington to watch a movie at Josh's and I got a little bit of a surprise when I tried to cross the border. It had been a particularly busy week and I had gone to the states every day for a week. The border guard didn't seem to like this very much though. Apparently if you spend a lot of time in the states it's called an 'intended immigrant' and I don't have a visa, so apprently that's illegal! Who would have thought? Well, he said to consider it a warning. If I was found guilty of being an 'intended immigrant', I could be banned from entering the U.S. for up to 5 years! So that evening, on my way back into Canada, I stopped in the border office and asked them some more questions. Apparently, all I need is proof of employment and residence in Canada for the last 6 months and I will be fine. So now, not only do I have to carry around my birth certificate and driver's lisence; I also need to have pay stubs and proof of Canadian residence.

The U.S. isn't the only ones giving me a hassle. The Canadian border guards don't seem to like that I have a Ontario Lisence after living in BC for over 6 months. So now I've got to get a B.C. lisence too. And I should apply for a passport.

Yeesh...maybe I just need to move to the States. Anyway, I've got more pictures, but my camera is in my car and I need to get more sleep.

Happy Birthday Dad and Mom! Hope you both had good days. I'm still trying to get a hold of you, Mom! I hope you both had a good vacation for a couple days! I hope I can see some pictures of it and hear your stories. I need some birthday lists too! :)

You all know my number too, I think, so I think yous could call :) I will try to call a couple of you this week as well. It was good to talk to you for a bit the other night, Kevin. Good night all!

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Laurie said...

Nice long, interesting post Steve! You really get around all over the place. Hopefully those border guards don't give you any more trouble.